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Who this is right for:

As AMS becomes more competitive and costs rise, DSP becomes a more viable option for brands to reach new customers and increase lifetime value but it’s not a fit for all brands.
Amazon DSP performs best by leveraging Amazon’s first-party data to create audiences of ‘High Intent Customers’. In order to leverage these audiences, a brand should be:

  • Spending $25k+ on AMS / Generating at least $70k per month in revenue.
  • Selling on Amazon for a year or more
  • Products with longer consideration periods (products where customers do comparison shopping)
  • Average AOC over $20
  • Who this is not for:
  • Product Launches (we like to say that DSP is good at putting fuel on the fire but not at starting one)
  • Impulse purchase products
  • Adult / Restricted Products
  • Wholesale / Shared Buy-Box Products
  • Is DSP Advertiser right for you?

    Here's how we do DSP a little differently:

  • We focus on revenue driving strategies by targeting by targeting high-intent customer audiences built by leveraging Amazon’s first-party data.
  • Algorithmic based CPM Optimization to hit your ROAS Targets
  • Real-Time Web Based Performance Reporting Portal
  • No Long Term Commitments
  • Flat Rate Pricing (no % of spend)
  • You choose the strategies that make sense for your brand and the budget you want to spend
  • Minimum Risk – Start for as little as $150 a day

    We are so confident in our platform & strategies to deliver amazing results for you, we guarantee it. Our team is so committed to helping your succeed and grow your business that if we don’t reach your ROAS goals within the first 30 days, we will waive our fees!

    Revenue Focused Strategies

    We only target the best!

    Based on Search History, Product Views, and Past Purchases.
    We use Amazon’s data to identify high-intent customers likely to convert.
    Our aim is to minimize your advertising costs and maximize ROI through effective strategies and best practices.

    Algo Based Optimizations

    DSP Advertiser is one of the few platforms available in the market that utilizes algorithms to optimize CPM bids on a daily basis according to your ROAS objectives. It is a revolutionary way of managing DSP that guarantees results.
    Just imagine launching an Amazon PPC campaign, but never adjusting the CPC bid. With DSP Advertiser, this is no longer the case.
    Our technology ensures that your bids are optimized to meet and exceed your ROAS goals.

    Real-Time Web Performance Portal

    No more Black Hole!

    Your DSP performance is transparent (no more black hole). With our custom built dashboard you can view your campaigns and performance at anytime.

  • See important metrics in real-time: Sales, Spend, Impressions, ROAS
  • Get performance breakdowns by the strategies you’re running
  • Dig into performance by line-item to see what placements are working best
  • View metrics on Sales by Ad Creative to see what products are performing
  • *You’ll also receive a weekly performance PDF via email, just in case you prefer those


    Less Fees


    Less Commitment



    No Term Contracts - Pause or Cancel at anytime

    Anytime a service provider asks for a long term commitment they feel safe that they don’t need to perform to keep you as a client. With us, you can pause or cancel at anytime.

    We want you to succeed!

    We are confident that the value we provide will keep you with us until you are ready to test out Full-Funnel management agency.

    Our Packages





    Cross Selling
    Warm Prospect


    Similar Product Views
    Contextual Targeting
    Search Prospecting

    Compare our Flat-Rate Model with Percentage Model

    Amazon Managed DSP Fulll-Funnel Agencies* DSP Advertiser
    Prospecting Retargeting Remarketing
    Minimum Spend $35,000 $15,000 $3,000 $3,000 $3,000
    Monthly Fee 0% $1,200 $395 $595 $495
    Percentage of Spend 7% 5% 0% 0% 0%
    True Cost: $2,450 $1,950 $395 $595 $495

    *Based on industry averages of Full-Funnel DSP Agency Fees.

    Looking to run two or more strategies? We offer discounted pricing on bulk packages:

    Remarkably Package

    Retargeting & Remarketing

    Full Price:


    Discount %


    Discount $


    Discounted Price:


    Remarkably Package

    Retargeting & Remarketing

    Full Price:


    Discount %


    Discount $


    Discounted Price:


    No matter your budget. We deliver the results you're looking for

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